What is SEO Writing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques whereby people or businesses seek out, attract, and retain others to come to their websites. SEO and content marketing are much the same thing, but there is one key difference.

Content marketing covers a campaign that seeks to find new prospects, while SEO writing operates in the other direction. People who have not been previously contacted will search for items that interest them. A content marketing campaign designed to reach people in the 18-49 demographic would involve researching the preferences of those people. Then contacting them in various ways to present them with content to pique their interest.

A page written with SEO in mind is a page full of information that people who are interested in the topic of the page would find when they search for it on Google. A straightforward version of each would be the following: Content Marketing: Demographic A likes chicken soup. Send people in demographic A advertisements and information about chicken soup.

SEO Writing: Company A sells chicken soup. Company A designs a webpage filled with both information regarding chicken soup and with phrases that someone searching for such information would use in a search engine. Those could be chicken soup, soup with chicken in it, chicken noodle soup, chicken broth with noodles, etc. Both marketing methods require research into the wants and needs of the company’s target demographics. The No. 1 lesson in “SEO writing for beginners” is that information is useless unless the customer feels involved in the process. Customers who are involved feel stick around longer on your website and tend to buy more. Which is what Google likes to see in a piece of content before they rank it high on their search results.

Keyword Research/Analysis

Content marketers writer great content their ideal prospects find useful. SEO writers do the same EXACT thing. But SEO writers also write it in a way that enables the search engines to understand the content too. This results in targeted free organic traffic hitting their website.