Copywriting is generating verbiage for promotional materials, such as a website or brochure. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

So, what is SEO copywriting?

It’s the creation of web page content that helps those pages rank in search engine results.


SEO Copywriting Involves Keywords

Optimizing your website for search engines involves incorporating the keywords and key phrases that people in your target market are using to search for information online. When someone does a search using the words, “things to do with kids in my town,” you want your website to show up for them if you cater to children.

But SEO copywriting doesn’t just link people to your website. It must provide valuable information to answer the searcher’s question. If someone used the key phrase above in a search, they might be happy to find your indoor playground, for example. However, they would probably be even more pleased to come across a list of multiple ideas.

That’s how you can use SEO copywriting to set yourself up as an authority and keep people coming back.

Let’s say that you wrote a blog post that included ten things for kids to do locally. You could talk yourself up, but you might also provide other options. This way, web surfers would not only find your site but also potentially bookmark you to return to again and again.

Therefore, it’s essential to do keyword research before you get started with writing website copy. Our SEO copywriting services can help you do this if it’s a skill you do not currently possess.

Formatting SEO Copywriting

You can’t just list a few relevant keywords on a website and hope that you show up at the top of the search engine results. Search engines rank each web page based on other factors, including:

• Article length
• Use of formatting, such as headers, sub-headers, and bullets
• Content quality
• Use of interior backlinks

In other words, the copy must be of high quality to capture traffic. Readability is essential too. You might get docked for using clunky words or too much passive voice.

You should also make sure that you include keywords in your tags and image descriptions. Search engines use them to determine the quality and relevance of the site.

Keeping track of all the guidelines and SEO copywriting tools can be confusing. Hiring our agency allows you to get it right the first time so that you don’t have to waste your time experimenting.

Bringing in Organic Traffic and Converting Leads

One of the best things about SEO copywriting is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you write the content yourself, you can generate traffic for free.

SEO content attracts people who are researching the product or service your business sells. But SEO copywriting should take things one step further. It should also be persuasive and engaging.

Think of it as the path for converting leads into sales.