SEO for a New Website: Let’s Make It Shine

Hello, small business owner!  Do you want more people to visit your brand new website, learn about your business, and buy your products? Then you need SEO! Why SEO Is Awesome for Your Business? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a way to make your website appear when people search for things on Google. […]

SEO Tips for Small Businesses: Get More Profits

Are you on your way to understanding SEO and why it’s crucial yet? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO moves your website to the top of search engine rankings like Google. So that people looking for services you offer will find you quickly and easily. But doing this yourself can be tricky – that’s why […]

Local SEO for Small Business: Boost Profits in 30 Days

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital way for brands to show up higher in the search results on Google and Google Maps. Local SEO helps small business owners increase their: visibility, website traffic, and make more money. With the right strategies and tools, local businesses can use the power of SEO to make more […]

Keyword Research Strategies: Grow Your Small Business in 2024

You know that driving traffic to your website is vital for success. You also know that the right keywords can make a big difference in getting those visitors. Creating an effective keyword strategy is vital to winning at SEO. The best practice SEO basics are simple. Choose words and phrases that best describe your offer […]

AI Keyword Research Tips for Small Business Owners

Are you looking to boost the visibility of your website and content?  If so, then understanding how to do keyword research is crucial!  Keyword research is finding out how people talk when looking for stuff like you sell. Research can help you find out what words people use when they look for what you sell […]

Scoop Up Easy SEO ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ for Your Small Biz!

As a small business owner, you’re likely looking to attract more customers quickly. Did you know that SEO can help? It’s like a giant scavenger hunt – you must find the right clues. These clues are called “SEO low-hanging fruit” pages on your blog posts.  Optimizing these ‘low-hanging fruit’ pages on your blog can improve […]