About Your SEO Squad

Who cares about us, let’s talk about you. The fact you’re here on our website now reading this tells us you’re actively searching for a way to get Google to start sending you more free customers to your site. Am I right? Thought so.

Are you a business owner?

When you need to make more sales in your business you want Google to deliver all the prospects you need to make that happen.

Do you run a SEO Agency?

Then, when your bills come due, you want your clients to keep paying you money every month so you can pay those bills.

Are you a blog manager?

you want to show potential advertising clients Google Analytics stats that will make them want to do business with you.

There is A Problem with Hiring an SEO Agency Though

Shysters and incompetents infest the SEO Industry like malignant termites. All of which are actively working hard to separate you from your money. The con artists are pretty good at it too, so guard your wallet. Not only that, the Internet is jam-packed with so many conflicting SEO theories, it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to learn how to rank their website on their own.

Goofy gurus are to blame, of course.

hire the right SEO company
ads versus SEO

Price Increases of Google AdWords

Adding the final nail to the coffin is the fact the cost of buying traffic from Google AdWords keeps rising. Even at today’s rates, it’s hard for anyone to make a buck. What’s it going to be like for your business when those costs double, or even triple?

Thankfully, our SEO Agency has the experience and know-how to “convince” Google to start sending you the customers you need to make your business grow.

We’ve been fighting for profits for our clients since 2008. In that time we have accumulated thousands of success stories, and we look forward to one day adding your story to that list.

We Know Link Outreach

What sets our SEO Agency apart from all the others is our link outreach capabilities. It takes high-quality white hat backlinks to get Google to trust websites enough to send them steady streams of free customers. Any agency telling you otherwise is selling you a line of malarkey. That’s why Your SEO Squad is so very different than other SEO agencies. 

Our Backlinking Approach

Our link outreach teams take creative approaches to contacting link prospects to ask them to link to our client’s site. We do this because it is the only way to earn quality links in 2020 at scale.

Sure our team members are highly-trained at onpage and Tech SEO. We don’t make a big deal about it though. It would be kind of like bragging we know our ABC’s. Knowing those skills should be a given, not a selling point.

Every third-grader and their brother can perform the work. Since that is true, Google obvious needs another way to determine which sites to rank on their SERPs.

That’s where backlinks come in. Backlinks your website will have if you decide to hire us.

If and when you are ready to hire us to help you grow your business, the first step is to start here with a comprehensive SEO Audit.

SEO company in action