Attention small business owners, are you looking for help to get your business seen online? 

Look no further; America Gets Ranked is here for you!

We have the  experience and expertise to help your organic search traffic numbers soar. We also have a customized digital marketing strategy and planning process tailored to your needs. 

We provide:

  • transparency, 
  • communication, 
  • a collaborative approach, 
  • measurable results, 
  • customer satisfaction, 
  • and competitive pricing.

Let us show you why America Gets Ranked is the right SEO agency for your current needs.

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We’re Here to Help

Thank you for visiting this page.

It is about why you should hire us as your SEO agency. We have the experience and expertise to help your business succeed with SEO. 

If you’d like to know more, please keep reading.

We’re America Gets Ranked

We’ve got lots of experience with search engines under our belt.

We’ve helped over 13,277 businesses with their search engine optimization campaigns since 2009.

We hope you let us help you too!

Why SEO Is Vital to Your Small Business

SEO is super important for small businesses.

It helps them ensure that people can find their website on search engines and learn about what they offer. 

When people look for something your business has, you want them to be able to find you so they can buy from you.

Search engine optimization makes that happen!

A small business staff dancing after hiring our SEO company for small business

Experience and Expertise

Are you looking for an expert to help with your search ranking on search engines? 

If so, then look no further. 

Our SEO company for small businesses has the right skills and know-how to help your websites rank higher in search results.

In this section, we’ll explain our knowledge and show you some case studies of projects we’ve worked on.

Our Expertise

Our SEO team knows a lot about SEO for small businesses. 

We have lots of experience, and we’re always learning new things. 

We’re like super smart detectives, searching high and low to find the best solutions for you. 

Your business will be safe with our expertise, and you’ll get great results. 

You can count on us!

Our SEO Company for Small Business Case Studies

Molly’s business had a big problem – they weren’t getting as many potential customers as they wanted from search engines. 

So she hired America Gets Ranked to help them with their SEO. 

We worked together, and now Molly is getting lots of new clients! 

In just over two and a half years, Molly’s business got back fifteen times what she paid – that’s awesome.

You can check that case study out and more at

A small business owners dancing after hiring our SEO company for small business

Customized Strategy and Planning

You must find the right SEO company if you have a small business. We will give you a plan and strategy that is just for you.

That means we can look at your business and develop something that’ll work for it! 

And that’s precisely what we can do for you. 

We can create an SEO strategy and plan tailored to your business needs. 

Read on to learn more about how we do it!

Our Customized Campaigns

Do you want your business to stand out on search engines? 

Our agency can help you with that! We know every business is special, so we create a customized SEO strategy for you. 

We’ll sit down together and plan the best way to get you where you want to be – with online visibility and being successful. 

We use the latest technology and know-how to make sure your business shines.

Our Planning Process

Our planning process for helping you with your SEO is straightforward. 

First, we’ll listen to learn about your business and what you want to achieve. 

After that, we will devise a plan to ensure your SEO performs well. 

We’ll work together to get the right target keywords and track the success of your website. 

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way so you know exactly what’s going on. 

And once your website starts doing better than ever, you can celebrate!

A female small business owner dancing after hiring our SEO company for small business

How We Will Meet Your Search Engine Optimization Needs

America Gets Ranked will make a unique plan for you.

We’ll look carefully at your business and determine the best way to rank your website. 

We’ll listen to what you want and work with you so that you can reach your business goals, including off-page SEO and internal links. 

You can count on us to help you get where you want to be.

Transparency and Communication

When you work with us, we’ll keep you in the loop! 

We promise to let you know how our strategy is doing and share our results. 

We want you to feel like you’re a part of the team and that we can make your business succeed together!

Our Communication Process

At America Gets Ranked, we love talking.

We like to keep in touch with you to work together to create the perfect plan for your business. 

We’re here to answer any questions and give you real-time updates on our progress. 

Communicating is important if you want something to be successful. 

We’re here to chat about your project any time you need us.

We Believe in Transparency

America Gets Ranked makes sure you stay in the loop. 

We give you updates on how your website is doing, so you can see all your successes. 

We’ll also report to you with any changes we make so that you’re always in control. 

Our team is transparent, so you know exactly what’s going on.

A business team dancing outside in suits after hiring our SEO company for small business

We Will Work with You to Achieve Your Goals

At America Gets Ranked, we want to help you reach your goals. 

We’ll talk with you and learn what you’re hoping to accomplish. Then, we’ll work together to make sure you get there! 

Together, we’ll make a plan that’s just right for you. We’ll keep you involved in every step so you’re never left out or confused. 

It’s our job to help you meet your goals – and we’re super excited to do it!

Collaborative Approach

Are you looking for an SEO agency that will work with you every step of the way? 

At America Gets Ranked, we know the value of partnership. We work together with you to create the best strategy and plan for your business. 

Our team values your input and feedback to create a successful SEO plan.

We Will Work Collaboratively with You

America Gets Ranked works with you to make sure your business succeeds. 

We want to ensure you get the best results, so we listen to your ideas and work together to create a plan for success. 

We genuinely care about your success and are committed to helping you reach your goals.

Another small business team celebrating big wins after hiring our SEO company for small business

We Value Your Input

At America Gets Ranked, we appreciate it when our clients give us their ideas and feedback. 

We know it’s important to listen to your thoughts, so we can make sure you’re happy with the results of your project.

We take your feedback seriously and use it to ensure everything goes as planned. 

So don’t be shy – tell us what you think!

Measurable Results

You want better rankings on search engines, and America Gets Ranked can give them to you.

That’s why small business owners love us. 

We know how to measure success so you can keep track of your progress. We’ll show you just how incredible your search engine optimization results are with our reports. 

Let America Gets Ranked help you reach your goals.

How We Measure Success

At America Gets Ranked, we love measurements.

We use fancy SEO tools to measure how well your business is doing with SEO. 

These tools help us know the following:

  • when people visit your website, 
  • what they do when they get there, 
  • and how many of those visitors turn into customers, including potential customers.


That way, we can tell you exactly how successful your strategy is working.

How We Track Results and Give Your Report

America Gets Ranked helps you keep track of your organic traffic success. 

We look at how your website is doing weekly and report back to you. 

We want you to know what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make the best changes to help your business grow.

Customer Satisfaction

Are you looking for someone to help you with your search engine rankings?

Look no further – America Gets Ranked is here to help.

We want you to be happy with what we do, so we try our hardest to make it happen.

We are here to meet your needs.

Our Goals is Your Complete Satisfaction

At America Gets Ranked, we understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. 

We want you to be happy with the business SEO services we provide. That’s why we always give our best effort and strive to meet your needs. 

We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need more info.

Our Testimonials

“Hands down the best SEO company I have used. They have doubled (or even more) my organic clicks. They are the real deal and I would not hesitate to recommend them. If you are on the fence about SEO, hire these guys – they will get it done!” Molly Rosenblum Allen

“Get Results. Check

Professional. Check.

Know their craft. Check

Reachable and responsive. Check

Would I recommend their SEO agency? Absolutely!

Oh, and did I mention they Get Results??

Jumped us from page 6 to page 1 for a critical search phrase for my digital marketing agency. And that’s just one of several similar results they have delivered so far.”  Lee Pomerantz

In my time working with Matt, Danielle, and the team, I was impressed at both their efforts on my behalf, as well as their communication. I got a regular status report, e-mail updates, and even phone calls to discuss direction for our campaign.

If you’re looking for a partner to help improve your SEO and build you some high-quality backlinks, hire America Gets Ranked You’ll be glad you did!”Joseph Dillon

Our Approach to Customer Service

At America Gets Ranked, we care about our customers.

We want you to be happy with our SEO services, so we’re here if you have any questions.

We also listen closely to your feedback so that we can tailor our business SEO services to meet your unique needs. 

With America Gets Ranked, you can always count on friendly, helpful customer service.

Competitive Pricing

How much will it cost to get the help of our digital marketing agency? 

Well, look no further! 

At America Gets Ranked, we offer competitive prices that are fair and transparent. 

Please peek at our pricing and discover how affordable professional SEO services can be.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

At America Gets Ranked, we have pricing plans for everyone. 

With no long-term contracts, you can start your SEO campaign for as little as $1750 per month. 

That’s right – no long-term contracts.

So you can see the results and decide if it’s right for you. 

Awesome, huh? 

Let us help you get ranked today!

How Our Pricing Compares to Our Competitors

Our affordable SEO services pricing is way better than our competitors! 

We start at just $1750 a month, but they usually cost way more – between $3,000 and $7,500 monthly. 

That’s more than double what you’d pay us! 

It’s a great deal, for sure. 

Plus we deliver results, you’re going to love!

Our Pricing is Fair and Transparent

When you go with America Gets Ranked, you get a good deal that’s easy to understand.

We compare our affordable SEO services to other companies, so you know you’re getting the best deal. 

We ensure everything is transparent so you can trust us to do an excellent job for your business!


Now it’s time to wrap things up! 

You’ve heard about the following:

  • the experience and expertise of America Gets Ranked, 
  • our customized strategy and planning, 
  • our commitment to transparency,
  • our communication, 
  • our collaboration, 
  • our measurable results,
  • and our quest for your complete satisfaction. 

And we’ve told you about our affordable seo services pricing — it’s fair and transparent like everything else we do. 

So why wait any longer? 

Contact America Gets Ranked today and start seeing amazing SEO results tomorrow!

Why America Gets Ranked Should Be Your SEO Agency

Why choose America Gets Ranked? 

We’re the SEO experts, with loads of experience and tons of case studies from small business owners to prove it. 

Plus, our team creates customized strategies for search engines just for you. We’ll work together to ensure your website is optimized for success. 

We believe in being transparent and often communicating. That way you can stay updated with how we’re helping your business. 

And to top it off, our affordable SEO services pricing is competitive and fair, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank! 

At America Gets Ranked, we want to help make your small business dreams of better rankings on search engines a reality.

Schedule a free custom SEO strategy call with our co-founder Matt LaClear by clicking here.

You will be happy you do.

Talk soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is America Gets Ranked?

America Gets Ranked is an experienced SEO agency that helps small businesses improve their search engine rankings and organic traffic. Founded in 2009, they have completed over 13,000 SEO campaigns.

Why should a small business use an SEO company?

SEO helps small businesses get found online and draw in more relevant website visitors. An expert SEO company like America Gets Ranked has the knowledge and skills to optimize websites for higher rankings, increased visibility, and more traffic.

What makes America Gets Ranked qualified as an SEO company?

With over 13 years of experience specifically helping small business owners, America Gets Ranked has the expertise and proven track record to deliver real SEO results. They stay up-to-date on algorithms and best practices.

What services does America Gets Ranked offer?

They provide a full range of SEO services customized for each client, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO audits, link building, content creation, conversion rate optimization, and ongoing optimization.

How does America Gets Ranked create a customized SEO strategy?

They thoroughly analyze the client’s website and identify goals. Then, they research target keywords, competitors, and industry trends to build a tailored strategy to drive more organic traffic and conversions.

How does America Gets Ranked communicate with clients?

Constant phone, email, and video communication is core to their process. They provide real-time updates, strategy tweaks, progress reports, and insights. Transparency is key.

What results can a small business expect from SEO services?

Most see significant jumps in organic traffic, website visibility, and conversions within 3-6 months. To showcase ROI, America Gets Ranked tracks and reports on rankings, traffic, leads, and sales monthly.

Why are America Gets Ranked’s prices competitive?

Their monthly SEO packages start at just $1,750 with no long-term contracts, which is highly affordable compared to competitors charging $3k-$7.5k. They offer transparent, fair pricing.

What do clients say about working with America Gets Ranked?

Reviews praise their expertise, results, communication, and customer service. Clients report doubling organic traffic, jumping page rankings, and increasing revenues.

How can I request a free SEO strategy session?

Visit and request a complimentary custom SEO strategy call with co-founder Matt LaClear to discuss your goals.

What are some resources for learning more about SEO?

Check our website for guides on increasing blog traffic, keyword strategies, local SEO for small biz, and quick SEO wins. Valid for any small biz owner.

What is your experience with SEO for e-commerce websites?

We have extensive expertise in optimizing e-commerce sites, from technical audits to content and UX. We help implement SEO best practices to increase organic traffic, convert more sales, and outrank competitors.

Do you handle local SEO as well?

Yes, local SEO is a critical specialty. We optimize Google Business profiles, citations, reviews, and on-page elements to help small businesses stand out in local search results.

How can you help recover from Google algorithm updates?

We closely track algorithm changes and can diagnose issues to determine solutions, whether link detox, content refreshes, technical fixes, etc. We help minimize negative SEO impacts.

What monthly deliverables and reporting do you provide?

Each month, we deliver an in-depth report highlighting rankings, traffic, leads/sales, top pages, keyword growth opportunities, link building wins, and more to quantify the progress.

Do you optimize for voice search as part of your services?

Absolutely. Optimizing content for voice search is crucial today. We ensure websites capitalize on voice search opportunities through conversational content and answers for featured snippets.

How can I be sure your link building tactics are ethical?

We follow strict guidelines against manipulative link practices. The links we build are entirely transparent, editorial-based, and from reputable websites relevant to your industry.

What SEO tools and software do you use?

We utilize top SEO software like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Surfer SEO, and Screaming Frog to provide robust analysis, insights, and reporting. We stay on the cutting edge.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization. The process of improving rankings in organic search results through various optimization tactics.

Organic search: Unpaid search engine results, as opposed to paid ads. SEO focuses on these listings.

Rankings:A website’s position in search results for a given term. Higher rankings equal more clicks and traffic.

Keywords: Relevant words and phrases that people search for. Targeting strategic keywords is crucial for SEO.

On-page SEO: Optimization techniques applied on a website, like meta tags, titles, headers, content, etc.

Off-page SEO: Optimization factors off a site, such as backlinks, social media, and brand mentions.

Backlinks: Incoming links to a website, which search engines see as votes of confidence.

Technical SEO: Optimizing technical elements like site speed, UI, architecture, coding, etc.

Link building: An off-page SEO tactic focused on earning backlinks from other sites.

Content marketing: Creating and promoting content like blog posts to boost SEO and traffic.

Conversion rate: The percentage of visitors that take a desired action, like purchasing or signing up.

Analytics: Measuring website traffic, conversions, etc., to gauge SEO success.

Algorithm: The formulas search engines use to rank websites in results. Staying updated is vital.

Audit: Analyzing a website to identify SEO problems and ways to optimize.

ROI: Return on investment, a metric used to evaluate the financial return from SEO efforts.

Indexing: The process of search engines crawling, analyzing, and adding web pages into their search results index.

Crawling: How search engine bots access web pages, following links to discover content.

Sitemaps: A file that helps search bots efficiently crawl a website by pointing to all the pages.

Schema markup: Code that structures your content to help search engines understand it better.

Semantic SEO: Optimizing webpages to improve search relevancy through semantics and meaning.

Pagination: Splitting long web page content over multiple numbered pages. Helps SEO value.

Duplicate content: Identical or overly similar web content that search engines penalize.

Session duration: How long, on average, users actively engage on a website per visit. Signals user experience.

Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of search results users clicked for a specific website. Higher CTRs can boost rankings.

Topical authority: When a website is deemed a leading expert resource on a specific topic. Helps related rankings.

Link velocity: The natural pace at which a website earns new backlinks over time. Steady is better than manipulative spikes.

Search intent: The goal and motivation behind a user’s search query. Optimizing for intent improves relevancy.

Voice search: Spoken queries using voice assistants like Siri. Requires conversational, concise content.

Featured snippets: Special search results that prominently display a website’s content as the answer.

More Resources for Your Small Business

We’d also like to remind our readers that our co-founder, Matt LaClear, who has run over 13,277 SEO campaigns for clients since 2009, has created a range of other resources to help you grow your agency.


A Special Offer from the Author

We want to remind our readers that the valuable SEO tips provided on this page come from the deep well of experience of our co-founder, Matt LaClear. Since 2009, Matt has worked on over 13,277 client SEO campaigns, amassing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

We highly recommend you take advantage of Matt’s special offer: a free custom SEO strategy call. This is a unique opportunity to receive personalized advice tailored to your business’s specific needs and objectives. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from a seasoned professional and give your SEO strategy the boost it deserves!