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At America Gets Ranked, we're here to help your business grow. Our first step is an SEO check-up, giving you the information you need to take action and boost your website's search engine rankings. An SEO audit can make all the difference down the road. Get started today with America Gets Ranked.

Tech SEO Check-Up

Our Tech SEO check-up covers all the basics - from checking your website's structure to ensuring your content is optimized for search engines. We also look at code and markup optimization, image tagging, and more

Backlink Check-Up

Our SEO experts will analyze your current link profile, provide a detailed report and identify areas of improvement. With this information, you can optimize better and build quality links that can significantly improve your website's performance over time.

Content Check-Up

Our expert team will analyze your pages' content and provide recommendations to improve its readability and search engine optimization. Our Content Check-Up lets you know what issues to address to maximize your online visibility and boost conversions.

The work America Gets Ranked does for our clients is phenomenal. They are my go-to source when it comes to growing my agency.

— Jodi Williams

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America Gets Ranked offers a variety of check-ups to fit your current SEO needs. Explore the plans below, and then start rocking.

Tech SEO Check-Up


At America Gets Ranked, our Tech SEO Check-Up helps small businesses get the best results from their website.

We analyze your entire tech stack to ensure everything is up-to-date and working correctly.

Our team checks page titles, meta descriptions, site speed, mobile usability, content structure, and more.

With our Tech SEO Check-Up, you can be sure that you're doing all you can to rank higher in search engine results pages.

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Backlink Check-Up


At America Gets Ranked, our Backlink Check-Up helps ensure your business gets the most out of its online presence.

We scan your website’s current backlinks to ensure they are genuine and valid.

We also analyze competitor websites, so you know where you stand compared to them.

Our Backlink Check-Up provides an easily understandable report that gives you insight into better optimization options for your website.

Content Check-Up


At America Gets Ranked, we believe good content is essential for success.

Our Content Check-Up gives you an onpage analysis so you can optimize your content for maximum impact.

We'll identify potential issues like broken links, missing meta information, and opportunities to improve key elements on each page.

With our Content Check-Up, you can ensure your pages reach their fullest potential and drive more traffic.

Get All Three Check-Ups


Here at America Gets Ranked, we believe business owners should have access to the same sophisticated SEO audit tools that big corporations enjoy.

That’s why we offer a ‘Cadillac’ package which combines our three audit packages – Content Check-Up, Backlink Check-Up, and Tech SEO Check-Up – into one affordable package.

So don’t settle for anything less than the Cadillac treatment – get all three packages in one and maximize your website’s potential today!

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Do you need help to get customers to find your small business online? Our SEO Check-Ups can help. It will analyze your website, uncover optimization opportunities, and ensure your content reaches the right people. With our SEO Check-Ups, you'll save time and money by knowing what works and what needs to change. Get noticed by more customers: buy our SEO Check-Up today!