Let’s discuss link building and why it’s still so important today.
You may have heard some people say link building is no longer a part of the modern SEO landscape. But don’t believe everything you read! Link building is vital to ensuring your site appears on the search engine results page (SERP).
In this article, we will:
  • look back at how link building began,
  • explore why some people think it’s dead,
  • and explain why link building still matters.
Let’s go!
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Explanation of Link Building and its Importance in SEO

Link building is really important for SEO!
It helps search engines like Google find your website and boost its ranking.
Think of it like leaving breadcrumbs – the more links, the more accessible for people to get to your site.
With link building, you’re helping to ensure that your site can be found by others faster and more efficiently.
So don’t forget to give your website a hand by building links today.

Brief History of Link Building and its Role in Google’s Algorithm

Link building has been around for a while, and it is an essential part of Google’s algorithm. Some people started using tricks to get lots of links to their websites, which Google didn’t like. That’s when they created the Penguin Update to stop people from spamming links all over the web!

It was a way to make sure that link building was used in the right way.

It’s also what saved the link building industry.

Why There is a Debate About Whether Link Building is Still Relevant

Some people think link building is unnecessary anymore because it’s hard to do.
These people who don’t know how to do it say bad things about it but don’t rknow what they’re talking about.
Link building is still vital in 2023 for putting profits in your pockets from SEO.

The Argument That Link Building is Dead

Do you think link building is dead?
Some people say it no longer matters, but is that true?
Let’s find out what the argument is that link building is no longer effective and why some people think it’s not important.
We’ll also examine counterarguments to decide whether link building is still relevant.

Explanation of the Argument that Link Building is No Longer Effective

American businesses spend a lot of money on SEO annually, and digital marketing agencies want in on it.

But they don’t know how to make actual links, so they tell their SEO clients that link building isn’t necessary anymore.

Don’t believe them – link building is still super important for SEO!

Examples of Why Some People Believe Link Building is No Longer Important

Some people think link building isn’t necessary anymore because they get to the top of the rankings without them.
Even though this example may be true, it is not usually the case. People can move up in the rankings even if they don’t have any links.
But, most of the time, this is because they already had some links on the same site from other pages that did give links.
This doesn’t mean link building isn’t worth doing!

Counterarguments to the Claim that Link Building is Dead

Are you worried that link building is a thing of the past?
Don’t be.
Here are some reasons why link building isn’t dead yet:
  1. Links still help websites rank higher in search engines. Google’s algorithm still considers links when ranking sites, so all those links you’ve worked so hard to get aren’t going to waste.
  2. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to links. Just because you have lots of links doesn’t mean your website will rank higher. But if you have high-quality links from respected sources, you can see actual results.
  3. Links also help build credibility and authority for your website. Search engines use links to determine whether a website can be trusted, and a website with more links is likely to be seen as more reliable.
  4. People still click on links, so there’s still value in link building for driving organic traffic to your site. A good link can bring in new visitors and keep them returning for more.

So don’t worry – link building is still alive and kicking.

Why Link Building is Still Important

Let’s explore why link building is still essential.

You may have heard some people say it’s not worth doing anymore, but that isn’t true.

We’ll look at why Google is still relying heavily on links as a ranking factor and how they help determine the credibility and authority of a website.

So let’s learn more about why link building is still important today.

Explanation of How Google Still Relies Heavily on Links as a Ranking Factor

Google still pays attention to links!

They rely on them to figure out which websites have good information.

You can prove it by looking at recent Google updates that show how important links are.

Links help Google decide which sites are the most trustworthy and authoritative.

So they’re vital for SEO.

Recent Updates to Google’s Algorithm that Confirm the Importance of Links

Google shows us that links are still important.
They recently changed their algorithm to focus more on links from trusted sources.
Having links from sites people trust, like news and other vital sites, will help you rank higher.
So it’s good to have links to trusted sites if you want your website to show up high in search results.

The Role of Links in Determining the Credibility and Authority of a Website

Links are like clues that help Google decide which sites are the most reliable and trustworthy.
They’re how Google can tell if your website is a good source of information or not.
Many links from other sites show that yours is famous and well-known, so it’s likely a good place for people to find the information they need.
So if you want your website to appear in search results, get some helpful links.

The Future of Link Building

Are you curious about what the future of link building looks like?
In this section, we will look at:
  • how technology can help us build even better links,
  • and why staying on top of the changes to Google’s algorithm is crucial.
So keep reading to learn more.

How AI-Generated Content Will Increase the Importance of Links as a Ranking Factor

As AI tools create more and more content, it’s becoming harder for Google to sort through it all.
That’s why link building is still essential.
Google looks at the links between websites to determine which ones are credible and trustworthy.
In other words, link building helps Google make sense of the massive flood of web content.
So if you want your website to be seen, you must focus on link building!

The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date with Changes to Google’s Agorithm

Staying on top of Google’s updates is vital if you want your website to appear in searches.

It’s like keeping track of a treasure map – the clues keep changing, and you want to be ready for any twist or turn.

You can do this by following blogs and social media feeds about SEO so changes don’t catch you off guard.

Then, use that knowledge to ensure your website stays ahead of the curve.


In conclusion, link building is still vital for good SEO and should not get ignored.
Google still uses links when ranking websites.
Recent updates to the algorithm have shown that links are more critical now than ever!
With the rise of AI-generated content, links become an even greater essential factor.
So if you want your website to rank well, you’ll have to keep up with the latest changes and ensure your link building strategies are on point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building?

Link building refers to generating links from other websites to your site. These incoming links help search engines like Google understand your site’s relevance and authority on a given topic.

Is link building still crucial for SEO in 2023?

Link building remains a crucial part of an effective SEO strategy in 2023. Google still uses Links as a ranking factor so that quality links can improve your search rankings.

Why do some claim link building is dead?

Some argue link building is no longer effective because it’s become harder to build high-quality links. Others believe you can rank without links. However, link building is still vital for SEO success for most sites.

How has Google’s view of links changed over time?

Google has cracked down on artificial link building techniques over the years. But their algorithms still rely on quality, relevant links pointing to a page to assess its authority and relevance.

What types of links help with SEO?

Google values links from high-authority, relevant sites. Links should appear naturally, not be artificially built. Quality content earns links versus buying/trading links.

How can I build quality links to my site?

Focus on creating great content, do outreach to earn links from trusted sources, gain links through online citations/directories, and utilize social media. Link reclamation can also work.

How many links do I need?

There is no magic number of links. It depends on your niche and competition. Focus on building a diversified link profile with natural links versus aiming for a quantity.

Should I avoid any link building tactics?

Avoid manipulative techniques like link exchanges, low-quality directory submissions, buying links, etc. Stick to white hat link building approaches aligned with Google’s guidelines.


Algorithm Update: Changes made to the programming that drives Google’s search engine results. Major updates like Penguin impact how links are evaluated.

Backlink – An inbound link pointing to your website from an external page. Also known as an incoming link.

Broken Link: A link that leads to an error page because the linked content has been removed. It can negatively impact SEO.

Citation: A mention of a business name, address, and phone number on websites like directories, review sites, and local listings. It helps build links.

Competitive Link Analysis: Researching the links pointing to competitor websites, which informs link building strategies.

Content Marketing – Creating high-quality, helpful content to attract organic links and traffic rather than building artificial links.

Link Bait: Content encouraging viewers to link to your site, such as tools, resources, data studies, etc.

Link Building – The strategic process of acquiring links from external sites to earn trust and authority in the eyes of search engines.

Link Equity: The ranking power or authority passed via links from one webpage to another.

Link Reclamation – Reaching out to sites already linking to you to request additional links to pages or update existing broken links.

Natural Link: An organic editorial link given because a website finds your content valuable, as opposed to paid or exchanged links.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) displays search engine results for a given query. A higher ranking improves visibility.

Sponsored Guest Post: Contributing content to an external website, which includes a backlink in exchange for a publishing fee.

Text Link: Anchor text within a page’s content that users can click on to navigate to another site.

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