It pays to know how to improve SEO for your website. Finding ways to cultivate organic search is the key to boosting website traffic, which yields more leads, subscribers, and sales. Here are some activities that you can do to rank higher with search engines.

#1 Deep Keyword Research

There’s no way to explain how to improve SEO without considering keyword research. Keyword research involves finding out the words and phrases that your target audience uses to find your products, services, or information on the web. The results are keywords that align with your brand, and that resonates with your audience.

#2 Strategic Keyword Placement

Keywords are the focal point of your content. Place them correctly throughout your blog post, web page, or article, and you will achieve content that is more readable and engaging.

#3 Create Links to Authoritative Sources

Search engines reward web pages that are full of valuable information that improves the user experience. Adding links to your website from authoritative sources improves your content’s relevance to readers and search engines.

#4 Earn Quality Backlinks

When a leading website links to your content, you have just earned a quality backlink. A search engine may raise the ranking of a web page that has quality backlinks. Why? Because it considers the web page’s content to be relevant based on its association with the other credible website. Identify sources for quality backlinks by verifying the volume of their organic traffic using free tools such as

#5 Add Video Content

Video gives site visitors valuable information in a format that caters to smartphone and tablet users. Video claims about 80 percent of web traffic according to statistics published by Forbes. Use video to introduce you and your team on an About Us page. Increase your brand’s credibility with video testimonials. By adding video to your site, you make your content more relatable, engaging, and sticky for site visitors. Search engines reward this type of content.

#6 Stop Using Flash-Based Websites

Knowing how to improve Google search results often involves throwing away outdated website development techniques and adopting better ones. Experts suggest transitioning Flash-based websites to ones that use HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS. Many search engines cannot index Flash website content to direct users to the right web page. Websites that are created using alternative standards support single page linking that Google favors.

#7 Monitor Progress

To make sure that your SEO activities produce long-term benefits, you must gauge progress through periodic monitoring. Today’s analytics tools give you data-driven insight into the successes and challenges of your SEO campaigns.

The Wrap Up

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. While you will get quick results from some SEO improvement actions, others require several months to yield significant benefits. Be patient. Your SEO Squad has the experience and expertise to seize opportunities and recognize pitfalls when it comes to SEO strategy. Give us a call to fast-track your SEO campaign today.