How to Do SEO on Your Own

Waiting for people to stumble onto your website casually isn’t the best way to grow your business. Earning sales from SEO takes time to learn and implement, though. Ideally, you’ll have the means to hire an SEO agency. But if not, you can learn how to do SEO on your own. It’s not easy, but […]

How to Write SEO-friendly Alt Text for Your Images

Wondering how to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images? Including images on your website content will increase your search engine rankings. That’s where SEO-friendly alt text comes into play. What is it, though? The Link Between Your Image Text and Content Your alt text is text describing what is happening in your image. The […]

What is an SEO Specialist?

What is an SEO specialist? What they do can be broken into four different disciplines, keyword research, content writing, technical coding, and link outreach. Let’s go over each of them briefly. Keyword Research/Analysis Keywords will and always will be the lifeblood of SEO. An SEO specialist uses keyword tools to group them to match user’s […]

What is an SEO Company

What is an SEO company? SEO is short for “search engine optimization, so let’s start there. It involves optimizing your website to generate free traffic from Google, Yahoo! and, finally, Bing. If you want your prospects to find your website, then SEO is essential. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn SEO yourself, given you’re already […]

How to Find Keywords for SEO

Are you concerned with learning how to find keywords for SEO?  That’s good!  The most crucial aspect of your search engine optimization strategy is keyword research. You can’t start writing valuable content until you know which search terms your target market is using to find your products and services.  Your goal with keyword research is […]

How Long Does SEO Take?

Any honest SEO Agency will bristle at the question, “how long does SEO take”? It’s not a very easy question to answer, and if they give you one – you should direct them to the door. Brashness aside, anyone promising results in a finite timeline are either lying to you or are clueless. There’s no […]

What is White Hat SEO?

  Fifteen years ago, you could gain high search placement by stuffing your keywords in content and meta tags. Those days are over. Google has since grown more sophisticated, and so has the practice of SEO. The changes to the search algorithm, specifically Google, have led an almost cowboy-like comparison in the practice of SEO. […]

What is Technical SEO?

What is Tech SEO?It’s the process of optimizing your site so that it’s appropriately crawled and indexed by search engines.These requirements are always changing, so it can sometimes be challenging to keep current. However, if you’re aware of the factors that influence the search engines the most, you can ensure that your site always has […]

What is Off Page SEO?

What is off-page SEO? Have you recently looked at your site rankings and become frustrated because they don’t seem to be moving in the right direction? You’ve probably invested a lot of time working hard on your content, title tags, keyword selection, and internal linking. What’s missing? Why aren’t your website’s pages ranking better? It’s […]

What is Black Hat SEO?

What is black hat SEO? Many experts describe black hat status to describe unethical intentions to cause harm online. Specific examples being computer hackers up to mischief or thievery. That’s not black hat SEO. In SEO, there are rules to follow if you want to rank in Google. At our SEO Agency, we call those […]